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Introduction – Preamble

The use of the electronic pages and services provided to the visitor/user, from the https://dimarxosfood.gr website owned by “MAYOR PAVLOS” hereinafter “the company”, presupposes your unreserved agreement with the following terms of use, which apply to the entire content of that particular website. Therefore, the visitor/user must read these terms carefully before using the website’s services and if he does not agree, he must not use the services and its content. The visitor/user is requested to check the content of the terms of use for possible changes. The continued use of the website https://dimarxosfood.gr even after any changes means the visitor/user’s unreserved acceptance of these terms.

Furthermore, the use of the web portal (IP) is a presumption that the visitor/user has studied, understood and accepted all the terms of use of the IP. In the event that the visitor/user does not agree with the present terms of use, he/she must not use the services and content of the website.

Every natural person who enters https://dimarxosfood.gr is invited to carefully read these terms of use and to use its services only if they fully accept them. By registering/using/visiting it, it is assumed that he has taken note of the terms of use, he unconditionally accepts the terms set out here, without any exception and waives any claim that may arise from the use of the services of https://dimarxosfood.gr.

Company details

– A.F.M.: 143514782



– LOAD NUMBER: 153587503000

general terms

The purpose of our company is to provide the best possible service to our customers. This website enables both our customers and all Internet users to be informed directly about the products offered by our company, the services it provides, as well as useful information in relation to the products that our business deals with. activity. In addition, the specific online store (e-shop) enables both our customers and all Internet users to be informed directly about the products offered by our company, as well as to make their purchases online.

By using https://dimarxosfood.gr, users – visitors consent to receive communication via e-mail or by telephone or by post, provided they have given us their respective contact details. You should not use the website https://dimarxosfood.gr for any illegal purpose or to seek the execution of any illegal activity or other activity that violates the rights of third parties or of https://dimarxosfood.gr.

These terms of use may be revised and updated at any time and without notice. Please check the terms of use of the IP from time to time as your continued use implies that you accept these changes.


All the content of the IP, apart from the expressly mentioned exceptions and those that clearly appear to be owned by third parties (third-party copyrights), which – indicatively – includes texts, graphics, images, photos, designs, videos, sounds, etc. (hereinafter content) constitute intellectual property of https://dimarxosfood.gr and protected by applicable national, community and international law.
https://dimarxosfood.gr retains all copyright regarding the content and the copies created based on it.

The content of the IP is available to its visitors/users for personal use. The content is subject to change without notice at the discretion of https://dimarxosfood.gr. After acceptance of the terms of use, non-commercial use and reproduction, in whole or in part, is permitted, provided that the reproduced product is subsequently freely available via the Internet or other suitable means and is accompanied by clear and distinct reference to the original source of. Any other use requires the express written permission of the owner or copyright holder.

The texts (articles, texts, coke) that are posted in this IP are personal property and assets of https://dimarxosfood.gr. In any case, the texts reflect personal opinions and are, in accordance with the law, “products of the intellect” protected by the legislative provisions on intellectual property and in particular by Law 2121/1993 and by the relevant rules of internet ethics.

The other products or services referred to on the online pages of this IP and bearing the marks of the respective organizations, companies, partner bodies, associations or publications, are their own intellectual and industrial property and therefore these bodies bear the relevant responsibility.


The management and protection of the personal data of the visitor/user of the DI is subject to the terms of this announcement as well as to the provisions of national, community and international law regarding the protection of the individual from the processing of personal data, as applicable from time to time.

Any possible future relevant regulation will be the subject of this announcement. In any case, https://dimarxosfood.gr reserves the right to change the terms of protection of personal data, in accordance with the applicable relevant legal framework.

Accordingly, these privacy terms may be revised and updated at any time and without notice. Users of the IP are requested to check these terms at regular intervals for any changes, as the continued use of the IP implies that they accept all possible modifications thereof.

https://dimarxosfood.gr collects personal information of visitors/users of the website, only when they voluntarily provide it in order to provide the services that are available online. Personal information is information that can be used to identify or contact an individual as well as other information relating to that individual. The personal data collected in the DB are the following:

Full name
Address and telephone number
Telephone and facsimile (fax) numbers
Electronic address (email)

https://dimarxosfood.gr will not make available for sale or otherwise transmit or publish personal information of visitors/users of the PO to third parties, not related to the same, without the consent of the visitor/user, with the exception of the application of relevant legal dictates and to the competent authorities alone.

https://dimarxosfood.gr may process part or all of the information sent by visitors/users for statistical purposes and to improve the services provided – information.

The visitor/user can contact the respective administrator of the DB in order to verify the existence of the personal file, its correction, its change or its deletion.

This IP includes links to other websites which are under the responsibility of third parties (natural or legal persons). Under no circumstances is https://dimarxosfood.gr responsible for the personal data protection conditions that these websites follow.

In order to carry out any transaction through our company’s online store and to place orders for its products, the disclosure of some of the customer’s personal information will be requested. When placing the order, the full name, the shipping address of the products, the billing address of the order (if it is different from the shipping address), the invoicing information (if payment by invoice has been selected), the a contact telephone number, your electronic address (e-mail) and in cases where the payment is made by credit card, the number, the expiry date of the card and the three-digit security code.

This data is processed by the company in compliance with the statutory privacy policy and in particular the application of the 1995 EU Data Protection Directive (DPD), as well as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) implemented by on May 25, 2018. In particular, the credit card details are not stored in the company’s storage media during the transaction. Our company uses the information you give us during the online submission of the form in order to contact you about

1) delivery of the order to your location

2) for confirmation and identification of the customer in any necessary case

3) for new or alternative products offered by our company

4) special offers and news of our site

The registration of your personal data on your part means that you consent to this data being used by our company for the reasons stated in the Personal Data Protection Statement (Privacy Policy)


The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol is today the global standard on the Internet for certifying websites to online users and for encrypting information between online users and web servers. An encrypted SSL communication requires that all information sent between a client and a server be encrypted by the sending software and decrypted by the receiving software, thus protecting personal information in transit. In addition, all information sent with the SSL protocol is protected by a mechanism that automatically checks if the data has been changed in transit. In addition, all information sent with the SSL protocol is protected by a mechanism that automatically checks if the data has been changed in transit. In addition, personal security is the password you give when you become a member of the website https://dimarxosfood.gr. In order to present any of your personal information, you must first provide your username and password. For this reason, you must keep this information well so that it does not risk falling into the hands of third parties. We also advise you to create passwords using symbols along with alphanumeric characters. Finally, let us remind you that the credit card details are not stored in the company’s storage media during the transaction. All transactions you carry out through https://dimarxosfood.gr are governed by International and European law, which regulates issues related to electronic commerce, as well as by the Consumer Protection Law (Law 2251/1994), which regulates issues related to distance selling.


The products available for sale, their characteristics, prices and available stock, can be found at https://dimarxosfood.gr and are accessible to everyone. Users can search for more information about each product by clicking on the product icon. Our company guarantees timely information to customers regarding the availability or non-availability of the products, but bears no responsibility for their availability. Our company makes every possible effort every day in order to provide all the required information for each product (technical characteristics, prices, etc.). However, in order to limit any errors, we would recommend that you contact us before completing any purchase in cases where the prices or any other characteristic of the product is beyond the usual and reasonable. In the prices listed in the relevant catalogs next to each product, there is the price that includes the applicable VAT. In some regions of Greece for which reduced VAT rates apply and if your purchase is made with an invoice, the prices of the products are lower than those listed under the reduced VAT. Our company reserves the right to adjust the prices of its electronic store, without having to inform the consumer public.


The orders through the online store https://dimarxosfood.gr constitute the conclusion of a distance sales contract, which are governed by the legislative framework of Law 2251/1994 (as it applies today) and the amendments referred to in PD 131/2003 ( Official Gazette A’ 116/16.05.2003) and Decision 31619 Official Gazette 969/22.3.2017 as well as the adaptation of Greek legislation to Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of October 25, 2011, regarding the rights of consumers, amending Directive 93/13/EEC of the Council and Directive 1999/44/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council and repealing Directive 85/577/EEC of the Council and Directive 97/7/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, which was published in the Official Journal of the European Union, with number L 304 of 22.11.2011 as it entered into force from 13/06/2014.

The user has the right to enter into a valid order through the online store, as long as he is legally competent in compliance with the provisions of the Greek Civil Code (as long as he has completed the eighteenth year of age and is not in legal aid regarding the conclusion of a sales contract). Orders can also be placed by legal representatives of legal entities. Our company reserves the right to claim a refund from the supervisor or guardian of any orders placed by legally incompetent persons.


To place an order in our online store, you will need:

The completion of the special form with the necessary information for the conclusion of the sales contract.

The unconditional acceptance of the terms of the sales contract and the terms of use, in particular the collection and where necessary the use of personal data.

On all pages of the online store https://dimarxosfood.gr and next to each product available for purchase, there is the button to add to the shopping cart. Navigate to our online store and add to your cart the products you wish to buy. To continue shopping, select from the central categories the one that contains the next item you are looking for and add it to your cart as well. When you have completed the process of adding products press the “Proceed to checkout” button. In order to be able to order, it is not necessary to be a member of the online store https://dimarxosfood.gr, but we would advise you to become a member, as the whole process will be much easier in any future use of our online store. Fill in the form with the username and password you provided during registration and select “LOG IN” in the members area. If you are not a member, press the create new account button and fill in the new member registration form with an active e-mail account. The e-mail you will declare must exist because our communication will also be made through the e-mail you have declared during your registration. Even if you do not become a member, you will be asked for personal information such as: invoicing and order shipping address, e-mail, contact phone number, information necessary for the conclusion and completion of the contract between the two parties.

Ordering process

1) The order is completed in 5 steps:

2) Identification (Ability to log in, register or continue as a guest)

3)Billing and shipping address

4) Choose shipping method

5) Choice of payment method

6) Confirmation and registration of the order

In the event that there is a pending order in your order, we will contact you on the information you have provided us. In the event that you do not receive a relevant e-mail confirming your order or our notification by telephone, it is your obligation to inform us without delay, as there may be a problem with the contact information you have provided. Our company bears no responsibility in the event that you have entered your contact information incorrectly, as a result of which it is not possible to contact you.


Payment methods are explicitly stated on the order completion page.


Returns Policy

The terms and conditions described in this policy apply to all products purchased in Greece through the online store https://woodstore.gr.

Order cancellation

When you place your order through the online store https://dimarxosfood.gr, you have the option to cancel your order within 5 minutes of placing the order. Any return of your products is not accepted once it has been delivered. For questions or problems regarding the quality of the delivered products, you can send us your request in writing by e-mail to food@dimarxosfood.gr. For any information you need, you can contact us by consulting the contact information on our site.

Transport of returned products

He can’t.

Refund of the value of returned products

He can’t.


Force majeure: If for reasons of force majeure (e.g. bad weather conditions, strikes, etc.) it is not possible to deliver the products to you within the predetermined time, we will inform you by phone or e-mail, so that you can notify us if you wish, under these conditions, the completion of your order. Our company is not responsible for any situation beyond our fault and will do everything humanly possible to serve you better.

In cases where you have placed an online order and upon receipt you find that one or more products are missing from the total order, please contact us so that we can arrange all the details required and send you the products that you did not receive at no extra charge .

Modification of the terms hereof: Our company reserves the right to modify or renew the terms and conditions of transactions. It undertakes the obligation to update this text for any change or addition to the terms.

In case of non-receipt of the ordered products (and since a long time has passed since the order was placed), please contact our company. For your best and fastest service, we would recommend that you quote the special order code that has been sent to the e-mail address you provided when placing your order.

According to the Directive 2013/11/EC, which was incorporated into the Greek legislation with the KYA 70330/2015 and the Decision 31619 Official Gazette 969/22.3.2017 (article 8) the possibility of electronic resolution of consumer disputes with the Alternative Dispute Resolution procedure is provided in whole of the European Union. If the Customer has a problem with a purchase he made from the Online Store and resides in the EU, he can use the website ttps://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/?event=main.home.show for an out-of-court settlement of the difference.

Provisions (Cookies)

https://dimarxosfood.gr may use devices (cookies), in order to carry out or facilitate the transmission of a communication between us (https://dimarxosfood.gr and you), through the electronic communications network. The provisions in question (cookies) are small text files which, if you have chosen to accept them, based on the relevant settings of your computer, are stored on the hard drive of your computer for the above purposes, without, however, taking notice of any document or file from your computer.

You can set your computer browser in such a way that it either warns you about the use of cookies in specific areas of this website or does not allow the use of cookies in any case.

Recipients of the Data

Recipients of the data: (a) For information that https://dimarxosfood.gr is obliged or entitled to announce based on a contract, legislation, judicial and regulatory decision: public and independent administrative authorities, judicial authorities as well as public officials and (b) For all the data necessary to achieve each specific purpose of processing: the Administration and the relevant services of https://dimarxosfood.gr. https://dimarxosfood.gr will not disclose, sell, exchange, grant or in any other way dispose without your consent to third parties, natural or legal, persons. of this Website is the company with the name “Dimarxos Grill & Wine – Pavlos Dimarchos” email address food@dimarxosfood.gr, Address: Olympou no. 21 Kifiasia, Phone: 211-4171391.

Access and Objection Rights

As subjects of personal data you have the right: (a) to know whether personal data concerning you is or has been processed by https://dimarxosfood.gr (right of access, article 12 of Law 2472/1997) and (b) to object at any time to the processing of the data concerning you, expressly including the possibility to request the deletion of your personal data (right to object, article 13 of Law 2472/1997).

For any exercise of your rights of access and objection to the processing of your personal data, you can contact the email address food@dimarxosfood.gr, Address: Olympou no. 21 Kifissia, Phone: 211-4171391.

Authentication (Ability to login, register or continue as a guest)

Our company bears no responsibility in the event that you have entered your contact information incorrectly, as a result of which it is not possible to contact you.

Limitation of liability of https://dimarxosfood.gr – Disclaimer

The content of the IP is available “as is” and https://dimarxosfood.gr does not provide any guarantee, express or implied, regarding the completeness, correctness, timeliness, commerciality, non-infringement or suitability of this content for any use, application or purpose.
https://dimarxosfood.gr, under any circumstances, including in the case of negligence, is not responsible for any form of damage suffered by the visitor/user of the pages, services, options and contents of the IP which he/she does on his/her own initiative and with the knowledge of these terms. Also, https://dimarxosfood.gr does not guarantee that the pages, services, options and contents will be provided without interruption, without errors, that errors will be corrected or that all questions put to it will be answered. Similarly, https://dimarxosfood.gr does not guarantee that the IP or any other related website or the servers through which the content is made available to visitors/users are provided without “viruses” or other harmful components. The cost of possible corrections or services is assumed by the visitor/user and under no circumstances by https://dimarxosfood.gr.

Use of links on third party websites (links)

The IP provides access to third-party websites through appropriate links. The links in question have been placed exclusively for the convenience of the visitors/users of the IB, while the websites to which they refer are subject to the respective terms of use of these websites. The placement of links does not constitute an endorsement or acceptance of the content of the respective websites by the IP administrator, who is not responsible for their content or the privacy practices or accuracy of the materials contained therein. If the visitor/user of the IP decides to use, through its links, one of the websites of third parties, he accepts that he does so at his own risk.

Applicable Law and Other Terms

The above terms and conditions of use of the IP, as well as any amendment or change thereof, are governed by national law, Community law and relevant international treaties. Any provision of the above terms that is found to be contrary to the above legal framework or becomes invalid, automatically ceases to be valid and is removed from this, without in any way affecting the validity of the other terms. This constitutes the overall agreement between the administrator of the DB and the visitor/user of its pages and services and only binds them. No modification of these terms shall be considered and shall not form a part of this agreement unless made in writing and incorporated herein.
It is hereby expressly agreed that any disputes arising from the application of these terms and the general use of the Site by the visitor or user thereof, if not resolved amicably, shall be governed by Greek law and subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Athens.

For any communication with the IP administrator, please send an email. Also, if you have identified any problems with the content of the site that relate to legal or ethical issues, especially regarding its reproduction and the use of intellectual property rights, please notify us.